How Credit Repair Works

Did you know that 1 in 3 Americans have a mistake within their credit report and about 38% of people are completely unaware of their own credit score, even though it impacts so many aspects of their lives! The good news for you is that the Burden of proof is on the creditors and credit bureaus to prove they have properly complied. Our job is to find what they are doing wrong and leverage the laws to remove the accounts from their credit.


The first step is to identify the problems and issues holding back your credit with a comprehensive credit analysis


Using consumer protection laws we file factual disputes to challenge the errors on the derogatory items holding back your credit


If items come back “verified” we escalate the dispute process and even include the creditors in the dispute process

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Unlimited Bureau and Creditor Disputes


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Tradelines Incluided

Unlimited Bureau and Creditor Disputes

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$ 99

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FREE 24/7 Portal Access

Unlimited Bureau and Creditor Disputes

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